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Post Player Skill Drills

These two post play drills are from Coach Scott Peterman.

Both drills are overload drills. The “Overload Principle” applies where conditions are created within the drills that are harder for players than game situations.


Post Play / Rebounding and Passing

The idea of this drill is to get as many shots as possible and practice scoring, never shooting the same shot twice in a row. No dunks.

How it starts: Three passers (1), each have a ball. The wing passers are low in the corner and one passer at the top of the key.

The post player will rebound makes and pass the ball out. It isn’t a post-up drill. We are just looking to score.

One coach will stand behind the post player and points to the passer where he wants to have the ball come from. The coach will point and the other two will fake the pass. It will require the post player to be on his “toes”.

Basketball Post Drill 1


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 1 on 2 Post Play / Build Toughness

1 on 2 post play is where you have one offensive player and two defensive players.

In this drill, the post player is working to score against two defenders.

Anytime you have an offensive player going against two defenders in practice, it is important to emphasize the purpose of the drill is making it tougher than a game.

If you can score against two defenders in practice, you can score against one in a game. However, if you are double teamed in a game, find the open player rather than attacking two.

The offensive post player (4) can’t leave the lane or go higher than the mid-line post area.

You play to 7. If you score then you go to the end of the line. You must stay in until you score or get fouled.

The game is about finishing, building toughness, and quickness. It makes them play quickly.

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Basketball Post Drill 2

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