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How to stay highly motivated

Motivation is the fuel by which we all get things done. Habits are a big reason why people stay motivated or not. As a basketball coach you need to be able to motivate your team to achieve training goals and win games. As a basketball player you need to find the motivation to do what it takes to become a better team player, to be a better ball handler and rebounder, a strong defender, to pass the ball without turning it over, and to be more effective with your jump shots and layups.

Follow the advice I give you below to keep yourself motivated towards the accomplishment of your objectives:

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  • Write down your goals. It will be easier to achieve any objective if it is clearly understood. To see it written in a piece of paper, or on the chalk board, you can then visualize where you want to go. Define monthly training goal like ball handling drills, footwork exercises, etc. Think about why you want to get that so much and write about it also. Define individual and team objectives.
  • Where are you right now? In order to start moving from one point to another it is important to know exactly where you are standing today. Think about your current situation and make notes. What are your possibilities and resources that might help you in the process of reaching the top of the mountain you want to climb.
  • How are you going to get there? The next step would be to lay down the shortest route to get from where you are to where you want to be. A little brainstorming will be needed during this very important step. This is where you plan your strategy and if you do it collectively as a team the more motivated you will be.

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  • Do you want to? Or do you need to? There is a big difference between being motivated to do something that you really want or being forced to do something that you need to but would not want to, or you feel you can’t do it. You will be motivated to do it anyway, but if you are passionate about it, you will get better results.
  • Start by doing the small things. How many times have you started something and left unfinished maybe because there was no order on your list? In order to continue in the race of achieving your goals, the habit of persistency will be needed. The easiest and smaller things will prepare you for the harder and more difficult drills. Prioritize your goals and stick to the plan; but remember to get to the end.
  • Keep in mind the ultimate price. Like the winner in a race, a trophy awaits you after you cross the finish line. Thinking about the championship cup is a good way to stay motivated and continue to get better as basketball player.
  • Do whatever it takes to begin with your plan! It is really important to set aside what’s impeding you to make that first step. I am sure you have plenty of goals and activities, but be patient. Discipline will play a big role in your progress.

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  • Philippians 4:13 – “I can do everything through Him who gives me strength” What best extrinsic motivation do we need? Intrinsic or “auto motivation” comes from within; it is born from your ambition and enthusiasm. Extrinsic motivation would come from an external source. Your loved ones would be another good example of extrinsic motivation.
  • Be energized by doing exercise. Planning to oxygenate your body is a good thing. It will help you to reach higher and endure the challenges better. As a basketball player, you need to be in really good shape. That is the first thing you need to worry about. By doing exercise and feeling good every day, you will be naturally motivated to keep going.
  • Often and daily Prayer. This is a must do step for every set of instructions in order to be successful. And remember: “Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” -St. Francis of Assisi


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bball motivation
I started to play basketball in high school after I watched Michael Jordan play during the 1990-1991 NBA season. I was really motivated to learn how to play and be like Mike. I have watched all his videos and they are really motivational to continue playing basketball and aim to get better at the game. That is why my suggestion to you is to make the following DVD’s a part of your personal collection.


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  • Keyron Pettaway

    My name is Keyron and i’m currently registered for the National NBA D-League Tryout. I feel very motivated and everything, something in me tells me i can do but its a tiny part of me that is nervous and afraid of being let down. I’m in need of some words of wisdom and motivation.

    • Hello Keyron. It is totally normal to be afraid and nervous. Just be more courageous than anything else and continue improving your game. Discipline yourself to be and stay in your best shape and avoid injuries. Do not ever give up…

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  • Chris

    Hi my is chris and I’m 14 I love basketball but I want to take it to that next level . My mentor is kyrie irving and I want to be the type of player he is . So how can I motivate myself to not be afraid to drive and do something wild

    • Hello Chris. Having a role model like Kyrie Irving is a great motivation. You have to continue practicing with persistence, with a goal in mind. In that process, while you develop your talent, you will know what your body allows you to do on the court. Keep working on your footwork and ball handling abilities, that will increase your confidence to drive to the basket.

  • Chris

    Hi it’s me chris again and I also have another question I recently 3 months ago tore a muscle in my knee . I played point guard at the time and after the jury stopped playing . I weighed 170 but I had a lot of muscle .Now that I’ve healed up I want to start training to get back on court but i gained a lot of weight and lost muscle I went from 170 lbs to 200 lbs and no muscle . So my question to you is how can I lose this weight and gain muscle at home ? I don’t have a gym membership either . Please help I’m frustrated right now

    • That is a great question Chris. First of all, make sure you have completely recovered from the knee injury to the point you can start running and jumping again. You can certainly loose weight and, at the same time, build muscle at home. I suggest you make the commitment to jump rope for about 15-20 min. a day. That would help you get rid of excess weight. To build muscle you can use your own body and even use some food cans or other dumbbell substitute. For legs do squats, lunges and calf raises. For your back, chest, shoulders and arms, do pull-ups and all kinds of push-ups. Don’t forget to fortify the midsection daily and get the proper nutrition and rest.
      Be consistent and you’ll notice positive results as soon as one month. Three months and you will be leaner and stronger.

  • meu nome e victor tenho 20 anos sou guard, mas sempre joguei de 2 todos os meus tecnicos falavam que eu tenho uma talento anto para ser 1 ,mas nunca achei isso, hoje estou amando mas eu muito diferente estou tenho difilculdades poque sempre acabou sendo o finalizado me ajude

  • Autumn

    Hi my name is Autumn. I play girls high school basketball and I find that I get really angry after a lost game. I love the game and my team but a loss really seems to get too me. I also find myself having not enough time for school work and basketball. I’ve been dealing with a pretty recent tragedy at my school and I cant seem to get back my motivation.

    • Hello Autumn. Thank you for your comment. I see you have a winning attitude and don’t like to lose. Try to understand the reasons and challenges for a lost game. Sometimes we go through bad days and get beaten by better or more competitive teams. We all have to learn from failures and I want you to learn from them too. It is going to motivate you if you set individual goals and collective team goals with your team and coach, where you identify weaknesses and propose to methodically turn them into strengths. Try to organize your activities better setting priorities. Remember we all have the same amount of time everyday to be happy and successful. I am pretty sure you can do it!

  • DiJon

    My name is DiJon, i am going to be a senior and i want to be the starting point gaurd. I really need some motivation for the off season. A lot has been going on in my head from loss of confidence to anger. Can you help me out?

    • Hello DiJon. Excellent goal to be the starting point guard next season. Please subscribe to the page and I will be posting an article about motivation for the off-season. Thank you for your comment.

  • Travis Achterhof

    Hey my names Travis, and I’m wondering what are the best exercises that I can do inside of a weight room that translate the best to help me on the court. If you have any suggestions that would be much appreciated. Thanks!

    • Hello Travis. Great question! I will put the answer into a post for this off-season. In the mean time try these exercises focusing on the big muscle groups:
      Lower Body: Barbell Squats and Barbell Lunges and Toe Raises
      Upper Body: Chin-Ups, Bench Press, Barbell Shoulder Press and Sit Ups
      Remember to stretch very well before and after your weight training.

  • Chris

    Hi so I’m currently thinking of starting conditioning for basketball . Try ours are like four months away and I’m really unhealthy , not fit . What can I start doing , and I’m having a problem with my confidence . See my dad is never around to see me play at the gym but when he does I’m usually tired and he said to me recently to stop playing basketball and that I suck and i can’t make it to college basketball . Another confidence problem is I didn’t make my freshman team and I’m scared to tryout because I don’t want to get made fun of if I don’t make it . I know I should youse this as motivation but it’s hard when all you get is negative input through your whole life of not being able to succeed in my dreams . And to top it all my dad doesn’t play basketball . So please help me on how to get higher motivation and exercises to loose some fat lol but yeah please this has been my dream since I was 7

    • Hello Chris. I know what you mean. It’s never easy to be motivated when you get negative input. Like I explain in the article above, write down your goals and a road map to achieve them and commit yourself to follow through. The first thing would be to loose weight and regain optimal conditioning. Watch your nutrition, always trying to eat healthy foods. Continue practicing at the gym. The secret to success is usually perseverance and patience. So don’t be discouraged by what others tell you. Don’t desert your dreams and eventually you will see them come true.

  • David Adama

    hey am David, tnks for your advice. It is my dream to become a player in the Nba one day. I live in Nigeria where there is very limited opportunity. Am an undergraduate combining basketball with school is not easy but am trying. please what other advice will u give to make my dream a reality. If I get proper training I know with God I Will be a great player If it is his will for me. thank you.

    • Good day David. It is a great dream you have to become an NBA basketball player. It is not easy but never loose hope. Just continue practicing as much as you can. Get the Fundamentals right and commit yourself to be the best in your city and then your country. Sooner or later you will be an international player, God first! Stay motivated my friend!

  • Emma P

    Hi My name is Emma. I’m 5’6″ and 11 and I was wondering how much and what to practice so I can make it to college (duke) and the WNBA. I will practice any amount of time and I want to be a power forward. Also, how do I get noticed by people, I live in a rural area and there are no camps or clinics in my area to go to or to get noticed in. What should I do? TY

  • David

    hi am David, I really love the game of basketball, am from Nigeria. I dream to play pro basketball and one day in the Nba. but opportunities here are limited but I know with God I’ll make one day.

  • David

    hi am David, I really love the game of basketball, am from Nigeria. I dream to play pro basketball and one day in the Nba. but opportunities here are limited but I know with God I’ll make it

  • David

    Tnk u for your advice I hve started a workout routine just to help make me a complete player.am 19 is that age to late for me start work towards my dream, even if it’s a European team in other for me to get exposed? tnks once more God bless.

  • Hannah

    Hello, my name is Hannah. See, I have a bit of a confidence problem like everyone else on here, but mine is a little different. I play really good in the gym, during practice, but when it comes to games, I always turn the ball over or take ridiculous shots, I speed up with the ball and always seem to lose control, I can’t keep my confidence because I’m afraid of messing up in front of a bunch of people and think I can’t beat other teams because I’m not good enough. I always seem to have an athlete breakdown. I just need confidence. How?

  • Ronnie

    Hey I have a question I’m 13 I’m playing middle school I’m a great player but when I get on the court I get nervous and screw up how can I stop this also as I result of this I’m only on the second five I’ve been moved from guard to foward and center and all over again but how can I get my coaches attention and how can I memorize plays better

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  • Talikia Robb

    I’m not playing as well as i’d been hoping. Other players on my team get all the shine and i want to get more involved in scoring and be known for more than defense so i can move on to the next level. College. And playing at a d1 school

  • Charles

    hello i’m charles locke i want to play at the college level then a shot at the pros i work hard and when people talk bad about me i use it as motivation and rage to help. I would love some more tips

  • Tushar

    Hey I used to be really into basketball. But due to academic reasons i have not played basketball from 1 year.Currently I am in college and reach home around 6 in the evening and I find it extremely difficult to motivate myself to play.What should i do to get myself to get to practice again ?

  • given

    good staff

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  • Hi my name is Alby Morgan My mentor as a basketball player is kevin Durant I like how is a good offensive player I just need some confident with my shooting in games and I’ve also been training on my vertical jump I can so far hold a rim but can’t seem to dunk yet I’ve been training for a while and need some encouragment with both shooting and vertical jump. I want to be super Athletic and explosive.

  • Shannon

    Hi my name is Shannon! Ever since I was little I have loved basketball and it’s what I have always wanted to do in my future! I used to practice all the time. Now I love playing but I haven’t been enthused about practice and anything! I don’t have anymore motivation. I don’t know if I should keep playing or just stop because I don’t want to work at it

  • John Deng

    hi, im a good basketball player but i keep getting into trouble and find it hard to keep my goals in my head is there anyway best way to keep me focused on my goals
    and to strive for my dreams?

  • Like any other goal in you life. Write it down and be reminded of it every morning until you achieve it.
    Greetings John.

  • Aysha vaughan

    Hi there, I have been told that i should do basketball and i have tried it, and i liked it. My problem is i have a self-enemy. Its really easy for me to put down myself then to have faith. This is not just in basketball, its in everything i try.

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