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How to avoid an injury in Basketball

There is a great risk of getting hurt when playing sports, especially after certain age. Sometimes injuries are unavoidable; but there are also strategies to prevent the bench because of injuries. Here is my advice to you to reduce the risks:

Stretch before and after any basketball practice, training or game. Do not ever underestimate the importance of warming up and stretching even before doing any physical activity and after you are done as well. Flexibility will give your body a wider range of motion and will increase its resistance to injuries.

Focus! Most sports are highly competitive and require concentration at all times. Basketball is not the exception. The surrounding distractions should be ignored when on the court. You need to learn to be aware of how your teammates and opponents are moving on the floor, especially when rebounding; you do not want to step on somebody else’s foot. This is call Anticipation and it will help you avoid an injury if developed.

Strengthen the midsection. The abdominal and lower back muscles play a big role all the time when playing sport games and it is common to have an injury if, for instance, the “six-pack” is not well trained. We usually pay more attention to the abdomen but consider the lower back muscles to be just as important. You should condition your whole body but keep in mind the importance of your midsection strength to support the rest of your body.

Develop your self confidence. You will be more likely to suffer an injury if you feel you did not prepare well and you are unsure if you will perform well during the game or tournament. Even if in fact you did not prepare enough for the big event, staying confident that you can deliver makes a big difference. If you are a coach, when talking to your kids, always do it on a “Yes you can” mode. Also make sure you are well rested before the game or training; this alone may be the cause of a serious injury.

Protect yourself mentally: Ok, you control your mind and not the other way around. Turn on your mental “safety mode”; and this applies for everything in life. Stretch, Concentrate, Strength and Self confidence. Make sure that besides your knowledge and ability to play basketball, you have a check mark by the items noted above; otherwise be extremely cautious.

Here are some other helpful tips to prevent an injury:

  • Pray! It will help.
  • Give your body the proper rest between games and / or training sessions.
  • Eat well and look for nutritional advice to stay healthy.
  • Keep a positive attitude all the time.
  • It is a good idea to know a little about your body parts and functions.
  • Stay highly motivated.
  • Use protective wear like ankle, knee, and elbow braces.
  • Do not continue playing a game or a training session if you are in pain or tired.


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Enjoy the Game!


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  • Hey Elias,

    I just finished your post and I couldn’t agree more with your advice to reduce the risks of injuring yourself. Your first key point is especially important when being active. I know children and even adults who don’t stretch prior to an activity. It makes sense to stretch and warm up your muscles to reduce the risk of injury.

    As I was going through your site, I noticed you not only encourage/motivate those to play but you also educate them on how to deal with sports injuries. Given your passion in sports, I’d like to share this piece with you – http://blog.playpass.com/2014/09/11/how-to-make-a-sports-comeback/ – it’s about the mental aspect when coming back from a serious sports injury.

    Over here at Playpass, we also encourage those to play while educating them on sports! Given your background in sports, it would be great to hear your feedback on the article.

    Best Regards,

    Robin Cruz

    • Thank you very much for sharing Robin. I read the article in the playpass blog. It is very interesting. How true it is that our thoughts really impact everything we do. That is what motivation is all about: To help others think positive all the time. Have a great weekend Robin.