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Be a Great Basketball Coach

The Basketball is my Passion website is inspired by the works and leadership of not only the greatest professional coaches and players the game has ever seen, but also by all those coaches and players that work hard every day in their communities to promote good sports and life values in our society.
This article shares 10 tips for coaches on their path to greatness.

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1. Dream big but stay humble.

You should benchmark your team against teams that are doing better than yours. “Look up and get inspired and challenged; look down and you’ll get comfortable and lazy.” If you look down at the teams that are trailing you, you won’t move forward. Motivate your players with these ideas.

2. Foster a good team culture.

Winning is about team work and the team works better when everybody knows each other very well. Include activities in you program to promote strong friendship bonds and to create a strong team environment. Include lessons to teach universal values to your players so they will also be great human beings. Performance is important to culture and culture is important to performance.

3. Don’t be selfish.

And teach your players to be unselfish with the ball. Share your knowledge of the game of basketball and give advice to your players, specially when they ask for it. The team is not about the coach or a single player, or a school or institution, it is bigger than that. The more the members of the team share with each other, the greater and stronger the team will be.

4. It’s all about making others better.

The players are the competitive substance of the team. The coach polishes all the talents of each player to be the best players they can be playing together. You also teach the best players how to lead an play to make his teammates better.

5. Face the brutal facts.

Do not focus on the good news only. Anticipate any challenge or bad news with care. Injuries, for example, are very common in this sport and you as a coach need to be prepared to face any eventuality with professionalism.

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6. Reward results not efforts.

You should acknowledge and appreciate effort, but there is a big difference between means and ends. Make it clear what are the final winning objectives of the team during the playing season and make everybody on the team accountable.

7. Keep the right amount of pressure on players.

Players perform best under the right amount of pressure. When your players are in their comfort zone they are coasting. If you take them out of their comfort zone, they learn to train harder and achieve more.

8. The best players are in the best shape.

Emphasize the importance to stay in the optimal physical condition as athletes. Provide good nutrition advice and even recipes to your players. At least one third of each training should be dedicated to improve strength, conditioning and reaction.

9. Prepare fun Practices.

Always train hard but always include games in your practices. Make sure that your players are giving all their effort and at the same time are having fun. There are tons of drills and plays you can teach your players, but it’s important that you set the time to prepare the practices with the fun element in mind.

10. Develop a tough mentality on your players.

Good players have the athletic ability to move with the ball, to score many points, to outrun the competition. Great players are good players who understand the game; they can make winning plays under pressure and motivate other players. Mentally tough players are great players who are not afraid to fail. These players continuously make the effort to improve and do not surrender, not even to the idea of failure. Tough players always perform at their best, even under extraordinary pressure.


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