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Basketball Dribbling Fundamentals Development

The game of Basketball is a team sport. All the players in the team are really important, but the most important player at any moment, is the player with the ball. Handling and Dribbling the ball is one of the fundamental skills an elite player must develop to play at any competitive level. With good coaching, and willingness to practice with consistency, dribbling the basketball will become easier and a fun fundamental skill to use everyday on the court.

Generally, the dribbling fundamental is a must have ability for any point guard. As a facilitator on the court, the point guard must be very quick and agile with his body, and with the ball. For any basketball player, the ball shall become an extension of the body. The better a basketball player is at dribbling and handling the ball, the less chance he will turn the ball over.

5 Habits for the development of the Dribbling Fundamental

  1. Keep your head up and don’t look at the basketball. When you practice your dribbling drills, always keep your head up. Even during any drill, visualize yourself in a real game. During the game, you may need to pass the ball in any second for a good play. Your eyes should be watching your teammates, your opponents, and surroundings. Remember, the ball is an extension of your body.
  2. Lower your body bending your knees. With your head up and your back straight, dribble the ball with your knees bent for faster reactions and a stronger impulse. Dribbling the ball closer to the floor will also make it harder for your opponents to steal the ball.
  3. Develop your weak arm. We all have a stronger arm and hand we use to write and shoot. But to be the most effective basketball player, you need to develop both arms and hands to master the dribbling fundamental. You can see some good drills at the strongerteam website.
  4. Dribble the ball close to your body. One aspect of developing the skill of dribbling the basketball is to develop the strength and flexibility of your fingers. You will control the bounce of the ball with your fingertips. The ball should always be close to your body when you dribble for a better control of the basketball. Use two balls dribbling drills to improve this skill.
  5. Always protect the ball. It is very common, even in the professional level, to see the point guard lose the ball to the defender when he was dribbling up the court. Everyone wants the basketball to make plays and score points, and win the game. When you have the basketball, always protect it as the most precious thing and when dribbling, you should use your body and the other arm as a shield between the defender and the ball.

Need any basketballs for your drills?

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Jason Williams is a retired basketball point guard player from the National Basketball Association (NBA). He played for twelve seasons from 1998 to 2011. He is an NBA champion with the Miami Heat when they beat the Dallas Mavericks in 6 games during the 2006 NBA finals. He was an exceptional point guard, and a great passer, a basketball fundamental skill that can only be developed after mastering the basketball dribbling fundamental skill. Enjoy some of his top career plays which highlight his dribbling and passing abilities.

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