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Basketball Conditioning is Key Fundamental

If you want to have energy, stamina and endurance at the end of a basketball game, then you have to work on your overall basketball conditioning. I am going to share with you two basic basketball conditioning drills which are very simple but yet so deadly and effective. Work on these two routines during the summer time and your coach and teammates will notice the improvement next season.



Forget running on the treadmill or around a track for 20-30 minutes. You can do that just to warm up. Basketball players don’t jog around on the court, they run, they sprint, they work hard!

If you want to be an athlete, train like an athlete; a champion one: with Desire, Devotion and Discipline!

The best thing you can do to condition your body for basketball is sprint training, in which you are doing 8-10 100 yard sprints at about 75% maximum speed.

In other words, measure a distance of 100 yards and run it at about 75% of the highest speed that you can run. Your goal is to be out of breath at the end of that run. This is very important. If you’re not out of breath, you haven’t sprinted right.

True sprinting means that in under 30 seconds you completely run out of gas and you need to rest.

Now, you would sprint one time, rest for about 1-2 minutes, and then do it again for a total of 8-10 sets. The rest in between each sprint will help you get your breath and energy back.

If you sprint train 3-4 times a week, your stamina and endurance will improve dramatically.

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Boxers and fighters jump rope for one reason, because it gets them in shape fast! Jump roping is one of the best ways to improve your conditioning. By just doing a 10 minute jump roping routine, you achieve the same benefit as jogging for 20-30 minutes.

And the nice thing is, you can jump rope at a low, medium and high intensity pace. Its completely up to you, although we recommend a medium intensity for a total of 8-10 minutes.

Jump roping also conditions your calves and it help you feel quicker on your feet. To get the most of this great exercise, do it at medium intensity for about 8-10 minutes, rest for 5-7 minutes, and do it again for 8-10 minutes. So, you would do a total of 2 sets, 8-10 minutes each with a 5-7 minute rest in between. 4-5 sessions a week is more than enough.

Jump roping combined with sprint training is the ultimate way to condition your body for basketball. It will help you gain stamina and endurance, while making you quicker and faster.

Weight training and plyometrics, on the other hand, are great for increasing power, and not for improving your overall conditioning.

If you want to be full of energy at the end of a tough game and play like a star, start sprint training and jump roping today.


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