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Attitude, Nutrition and Rest: Part 3

“And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made.”
-Genesis 2:3

The third part of the equation to improve the quality of Life is rest. Our Lord taught us the importance of resting by setting the example. Not that He needed to rest but to deliver an important message to us. Resting is as natural as the day and the night. It is how we are meant to function well: by having periods of activity and periods of rest.

Part 3: Rest

…To recover, to recharge, and to heal it is necessary to rest! The body is subject to get injured, both mentally and physically when it is not well rested, especially over long periods of time.

To rest does not mean to sleep only. It involves more than just going to bed every night. Don’t get me wrong; getting sufficient sleep is really important to stay healthy. In fact if you don’t sleep chances are big you are going to get ill.

So here is my definition of rest:

It is a state of peace and relaxation free of ordinary activities to allow the mind and body to recover, recharge and heal.

I am going to illustrate you with a simple example: Consider the 7-day week. We usually work and find ourselves busy with ordinary activities all day from Monday thru Friday. Saturday a little bit less but Sunday is the break day. At least, it should be, just like our Divine Father showed us. But many people who do not give rest its importance in Life tend to get insane over time. Some people even dramatically reduce the amount of sleep they get each night and sooner or later, they find out it is not healthy. Here is a good article about resting each week.

I enjoyed watching the basketball game between the L.A. Clippers and the Miami Heat last night. The Heat lost their winning streak on the road and could not break their own record of 14. The overall record is 16 by the L.A. Lakers of 1972. My dad said after the game: “They are tired and need some rest”. So chances are the Heat is going to lose again today against the Denver Nuggets.

It is common to see basketball teams get tired on the road, especially after consecutive day games. They recover by returning home to their home beds and families and a couple of days off from the game. It is during this time that they get the chance to recover from the physical requirements of hard training every day and traveling to several cities. They are able to recharge energy levels and distract their minds to begin another competitive journey at home. It is during resting periods that injuries heal and new ones are prevented.

I consider rest to be monumental to improve the quality of Life along with nutrition and attitude but remember that the most important of the three is your Attitude. A positive attitude leads to better nutrition and proper rest which leads to winning!

Resting Tips:

  • Enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy. If you follow this principle, your resting time will be satisfying. You may be already resting when you work, or when playing basketball.
  • Rest by doing another activity you like, which is not your primary occupation. Playing a music instrument, reading a book, going to the movies, walking on the beach or park, listening to relaxing music, etc.
  • Spend quality time with your family, especially during the weekend.
  • Learn to breathe and practice Yoga
  • Learn how many sleeping hours you need every day and get them.

I’d like to introduce to you the process of iRest Yoga Nidra for resting, meditation and relaxation to reduce daily stress:

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