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Attitude, Nutrition and Rest: Part 1

In order to win a basketball game as well as to be successful in life, it takes a winning mentality; that is already half way to the finish line. Staying healthy will allow us to accomplish our goals. We would not even be able to be on the court if injured or sick right? And how important is to recharge our energy levels everyday by having a good night sleep to be awake and aware during the day. We can all exercise our Attitude, Nutrition and Rest to transform our life, to make it all better from now on.

Part 1: Attitude

The beauty about our attitude is that we can choose it to be great each day, under any circumstances. As easy as this may sound, it is actually quite challenging to accomplish. Even as a matter of choice, it is really hard to maintain our attitude all the time without understanding and practice. It changes almost involuntarily along with everything that happens to us. We live up to the circumstances, when it should be the other way around; circumstances should be created by our actions. Our mood is intimately tied to our feelings but our attitude may govern both of them. First, let´s understand what attitude is.

I did a search on Wolframalpha.com, a website I really like, and this is what I found: “Attitude is a complex mental state involving beliefs and feelings and values and dispositions to act in certain ways.” Then, according to this definition, our actions depend on the state of our mind. Science alone cannot really explain the functions of the mind and that is where the adjective complex comes in. Here is my definition of attitude: Attitude is an attribute of our spirit which allows us, through our will, to live according to a greater purpose.

How is that attribute? That´s entirely up to us; it could be positive or negative, or neutral. We are all born with the capacity to choose it to be positive all the time, but in most cases, we are not aware of it. Why? Maybe because we don´t want to or we just don´t care. We live day by day in today´s society of comfort that our will is so weak and lazy to realize that it is by our attitude we can control our mind if we really desire to. Usually our mood is triggered by something external to us like our neighbors or the TV, a family member, a phone call, another driver, a winning lottery ticket, etc.  All we need to get a hold on our own attitude and have control of our mood is awareness and desire; and others will follow by example.

To me, the ultimate greater purpose is God, and that is why we possess this supernatural gift, to be able to reach God. But for anything that we might want to achieve, we need a positive attitude, to pass a test, to complete an academic degree, to be successful at work or any business, to be healthy, to win that basketball game, or just to stand up after every fall. Every second of our life has its own purpose.

I was talking to a friend the other day about feeling motivated and he pointed out at me that if it were easy, everybody out there would be happy all the time. I see many people walking on the sidewalks, and generally, they all look worried he said. Well, I told him, nobody is going to free themselves from daily stress, illnesses, losses, bad news, bad luck, you call it. But what´s most important is to learn to maintain a positive attitude no matter what. Instead of thinking about what makes us feel sad or worried, let´s think about what motivates us, a loved one, something we really want to achieve, a place where we would like to be, etc. It´s our choice to decide! That bad moment is going to pass anyway and there might be nothing we can do about it. Nothing in this world is eternal.

“The only disability in life is a bad attitude” -Scott Hamilton

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  • Estoy muy de acuerdo con la lectura, y quiero añadir que es importante tomar un punto de partida para obtener siempre buenas actitudes, me refiero a que en la mayoria de las ocaciones las personas no deciden donde trabajar o donde dedicar sus energias, sino que por la circunstancias terminan trabajando en empresas que talvez no sean del todo agradables o haciendo cosas que nos les gustan por la necesidad de ganar dinero y mantener el sustento diario. Es muy dificil cambiar este tipo de situaciones aunque es prioridad que definamos antes que nada que es lo que mas queremos en la vida, en pocas palabras, cual es mi pasion? y asi empezar a practicar dia tras dia a realizar lo que mas nos gusta, lo que realmente nos satisface, solo asi podremos vivir con una actitud ganadora y haremos las cosas de una mejor manera. Poco a poco se vera la transformacion, no hay que desesperarse en ese cambio tan importante y a la vez tan dificil, se necesitan aplicar las mejores virtudes que tienes para poder lograr ese cambio. Saludos

    Los mejores deseos para este nuevo año 2011
    Un abrazo
    Su amigo y tambien apasionado al basketball

    • Excelente mensaje! Gracias por tus comentarios y mucho ánimo durante el 2011.

  • Jack Abcarius

    Hi Elias,
    It’s great to hear from you! I hope that you and your family had a wonderful Holiday Season, and that the New Year will bring you all that your heart desires!
    I loved reading your article on Attitude, and I am in complete agreement with you! It is the most important thing we can do to make our lives better, and also the hardest thing to maintain a positive one when so many things around you are negative. In any case, it’s a great reminder on a daily basis that we are in control of our own attitude.
    Have a GREAT New Year my friend!

    • Happy New Year to you too Jack! It is a very pleasant surprise to find you here. I hope you had a great time during the recent holidays. I wish you a healthy and positive attitude for 2011. Greetings to everyone my friend! Hope to see you soon!

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