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Ambition vs Quitting

In order to achieve something, anything you want, you have to be motivated. You have to be determined and strongly desire that, which you want to attain. That powerful desire is called Ambition.

The feeling of Quitting usually fights ambition. Taking the easy road is very comfortable, but it will lead talented and motivated people nowhere. Life is full of everyday challenges. Many of them will make you feel beaten and depressed. Quitting will look like the best option but Do Not! Stop, Step Back, Review your Strategy, Look for Support and Change Course. If you really want something good for you, DO whatever it takes to earn it!

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You are the fellow who has to decide
Whether you’ll do it or toss it aside.
You are the fellow who makes up your mind
Whether you’ll lead or linger behind
Whether you’ll try for the goal that’s afar
Or be contented to stay where you are.
Take it or leave it; here’s something to do,
Just think it over; it’s all up to you!
What do you wish?  To be known as a shirk,
Known as a good man who’s willing to work,
Scorned for a loafer or praised by your chief,
Rich man or poor man or beggar or thief?
Eager or earnest or dull through the day,
Honest or crooked?  It’s you who must say!
Whether you’ll shirk it or give it your best.


The Man Who Quits

The man who quits has a brain and a hand
As good as the next, but lacks the sand
That would make him stick, with a courage stout,
To whatever he tackles, and fight it out.

He starts with a rush, and a solemn vow
That he’ll soon be showing the others how;
Then something new strikes his roving eye,
And his task is left for the bye – and – bye.

It’s up to each man what becomes of him;
He must find himself the grit and vim
That brings success; he can get the skill,
If he brings to the task a steadfast will.

No man is beaten till he gives in;
Hard luck can’t stand for a cheerful grin;
The man who fails needs a better excuse,
Than the quitter’s whining, “What’s the use?”

For the man who quits lets his chance slip,
Just because he’s too lazy to keep his grip.
The man who sticks goes ahead with a shout,
While the man who quits joins the “Down and out.”

 “You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not?”

-George Bernard Shaw

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