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5 Basketball Resolutions for the New Year 2015

The year 2015 is going to be a great year, the best ever. Going through the first weekend of the year, it is not too late to write down your desired goals and be ready and determined to execute your plan persistently to achieve these 5 New Year’s Basketball Resolutions to put yourself at a higher level as a player.

 1. Hone your Overall Skill-Set

It is probably not the first time you make this resolution for the new year. And whether or not you fulfilled it in the past, it is really important you continue to set a higher bar to improve your basketball skill-set. “Practice” is the key word here. In order to polish your overall athletic skills, never miss a practice and be enthusiastically persistent in your effort to complete them.

2. Strengthen your Fingers to Tighten your Handles

Unlike Soccer, basketball is a sport you mainly play with your hands. Developing strong fingers will allow you to prevent more turnovers, have a better handle and control of the ball, and it will also prevent injuries in our hands. Write down this resolution in your list to develop Ninja like fingers for Basketball.

3. Become more Flexible to prevent Injuries

It seems like today, more than before, injuries are more frequent as the competitiveness of the players continues to increase. Most professional basketball players practice yoga or other type of flexibility exercises to maintain their bodies free of injuries during intense practices and games. Consider attending a yoga class as a complement to your training and give stretching, before and after practices and games, a real important place in your routine.

4. Watch what you Eat and stay Healthy

If you want to become a serious basketball athlete, you need to start learning about the best nutrition habits to adopt for your complete body conditioning and your promotion of good health. Basically drink plenty of water every day, at least 2-3 liters, and watch your intake of fats and carbohydrates. This is a sample diet from sports fitness advisor.

sports nutrition series diet

5. Achieve Optimal Conditioning: Start with your Midsection

Your core is designed to stabilize your whole body. It is used to link and efficiently control your arms and legs. It should be the stronger area of your body period. Besides, it could be developed into the six-pack of your dreams. Get yourself a medicine ball or two, and don’t skip this resolution from your list to a great 2015.

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